The State Was To Oversee Raila’s Assassination in 2017 – Mike Sonko Reveals

Jaded Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has unlidded how the government was determined to assassinate Raila Odinga in 2017 following a heated contest he had with Uhuru Kenyatta in the presidency.

Sonko on Sunday revealed that the Interior PS Dr. Karanja Kibicho was under instructions to oversee Raila’s execution given the government had deemed him a threat after troubling the advent of Uhuru’s second term.

The plan, according to Sonko, was to be made good on November 28, 2017, the day President Kenyatta was being sworn in for his second term, the same day Raila was to address his supporters in select Nairobi streets -days after his trip abroad.

A police water canon placed strategically at Jacaranda
A water cannon deployed in Jacaranda, November 2017.

Raila -and then NASA supporters were meeting for a memorial service at Jacaranda grounds, that being parallel to Uhuru’s swearing which was underway in the Kasarani Stadium. They were to remember their fellows who were meted with police brutality during Raila’s chaotic return to the country from the US.

To counter the wave by Raila and his supporters, the government put its officers on alert to respond, getting the aid of governor Sonko who filled the Jacaranda area with raw sewage, the order(s) being from the ministry of interior.

NASA supporters protesting government's move to seal off Jacaranda grounds
Then pro-NASA supporters protesting after police sealed off the Jacaranda grounds where they were to meet, November 2017.

“Mavi ya Jacaranda was the order came from above watu walitumwa na Kibicho kumwaga Jacaranda ndio the People’s President Raila Amolo Odinga asihutubie wananchi. Now the System wants to shift the blame to me,” Sonko revealed.

The governor added that some police officers were instructed to shoot the ODM leader but his lifeline happened to be the armored car in which he was being ridden.

“They tried to assassinate Raila when they instructed police officers to shoot him in his car at close range aiming his head at the junction of Ngong road and Uhuru Park. Luckily, the white Range Rover KBR 786S he was using on that material day was armored,” Sonko said.

The revelation happens at a time when Raila Odinga is on good terms with the state that once humiliated him, Sonko’s opposers dismissing the revelation as a scheme by the governor to console himself after the National Government took to run Nairobi County’s four key functions, depriving him (the governor) some of his powers.

Sonko has been crying foul, accusing the military takeover that has rendered him irrelevant given the transformation seen in the city thanks to the NMS under the stewardship of General Mohamed Badi.

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