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The Real Age of Mzee Moi Revealed

Former president of Kenya Daniel Moi is now being reported to have died at an older age than the officially recognized one of 95 years old.

This is according to his son Raymond Moi who says that Mzee Moi died at the age of 105 years old and not 95 as reported. He was speaking during a service for Mzee Moi at his Kabarnet Gardens home in Nairobi.

We read in the magazines and newspapers that Mzee was 95 years old, but Mzee was not 95 and I think many of you have surmised that

Raymond Moi

He also spoke about Eric Barnett, Moi’s friend who is 103 years old. Raymond said that Eric was slightly younger than Kenya’s second president.

When we used to play football, we used to plead with Mzee not to break our legs, because he was much older than us

Eric Barnett

So we calculated that Mzee at a minimum must be 105 years

At 105 years, is a long life. If there was anything Mzee loved, it was God, and his faith took him through some difficult moments as president

Raymond Moi

This claim was also made by Moi’s Family Spokesperson Lee Njiru. He said that Moi would occasionally ask him not to refer to his identity card as the information was misleading.

I will confirm this to you, Mzee had told me not to refer to his ID card, I want to correct you, Moi was between 102 and 103 years old not 95 years old like everyone is saying

Lee Njiru

It is yet not known whether the family will use the recognized year of birth or will refer to the age claims by Raymond and Lee Njiru.

The body of the former president is currently being viewed at Parliament building for the last day before the memorial service on February 11, 2020.

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