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The Incredible Story of Ghana’s Viral Crying Laughing Boy: From Tears to Cheers

The video and images of Albert Ofosu Nketia, a seven-year-old boy from Ghana, have become global memes that have left people in stitches. However, Albert might not fully grasp the fame he has garnered at such a young age. Despite the sudden media attention, life continues as usual for him.

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Albert Nketia, also known as the Crying and Laughing Boy, was captured in a viral video where he sobbed and burst into laughter within seconds, with tears streaming down his cheeks. Oheneba Media from Ghana tracked down Albert and his mother, Rosina, to shed light on the day that marked the start of Albert’s viral social media fame.

The Incredible Tale Of Ghana’s Viral Crying Laughing Boy [YouTube/Oheneba Media]

Rosina explained that on that particular Saturday, Albert had asked for yam, but she had none at home. As a result, she cooked unripe plantain for him instead. This upset Albert, who began to cry when he saw the stew, knowing that it would have been better with boiled yam. Rosina and her mother convinced Albert to eat the plantain, but he cried again when his grandmother asked if he had finished it. In an effort to make him stop crying, his grandmother sang a funny song for him, which eventually led to his outburst of laughter.

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According to Albert’s family, the video was initially recorded by an uncle who wanted to send it to Albert’s father but couldn’t due to technical difficulties. The video stayed on the phone, but when the uncle sold it, the new owner found the video and shared it with a friend, who then released it on social media.

Albert’s story has captured the hearts of millions worldwide, and his infectious laughter has brought joy to people in even the toughest times. Despite the sudden fame, Albert remains a typical seven-year-old boy, with dreams of becoming a doctor someday.

The Incredible Tale Of Ghana’s Viral Crying Laughing Boy [YouTube/Oheneba Media]

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