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What History Books Don’t Tell You About Hitler: The Farting, Chocolate-Loving Vegetarian With One Testicle

Most of us know the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II caused by Adolf Hitler, but there are some odd and bizarre facts that you may not know about the most infamous man in history.

1. Apparently, Hitler had extreme gastrointestinal issues and farted a lot.

2. In his youth, Hitler had a crush on a Jewish girl by the name of Stefanie Isak. He never worked up the courage to say anything to her, but he had fantasies of kidnapping her or even committing suicide along with her.

3. To enhance his sexual performance, Hitler would inject himself with bull semen.

4. Hitler was super into his niece, Geli Raubal, possibly sexually.

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5. Hitler had a nephew named William Patrick Hitler, who fought against him as part of the U.S Navy.

6. The grandson of the woman who created Hitler’s bunker created Saddam Hussein’s bunker.

7. There were 42 known assassination attempts on his life, and he survived all of them before killing himself.

8. Hitler only had one testicle, losing the other during the First World War.

9. Hitler was a vegetarian and didn’t smoke or drink alcohol.

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10. Hitler was from Austria, not Germany.

11. Hitler dropped out of high school to become an artist, but he didn’t end up in retail.

12. When Hitler was a boy, he wanted to be a priest.

13. Hitler’s game plan for Russia was to turn the entire city of Moscow into a lake.

14. Hitler would consume a kilogram of chocolate a day.

15. Despite abstaining from alcohol, Hitler took as many as 80 different drugs a day, including crystal meth.

These weird and shocking facts about Hitler reveal the depths of his depravity and bizarre behavior. From his crush on a Jewish girl to his obsession with his niece, and from his farting issues to his drug abuse, Hitler was truly one of the weirdest and worst people in history.

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