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Teen Claims Vaping Gave Him Collapsed Lung and “30-Year-Old Smoker” Lungs

A teenager from West Virginia is warning others about the dangers of vaping after suffering from four collapsed lungs caused by the habit. Draven Hatfield, who started vaping when he was just 13 years old, believed it was just a “neat trend” and started with box mods before moving on to disposables. He was hospitalized for a week in October 2021 after suffering from chest pains and cramps, and was diagnosed with a collapsed lung. A few months later, he suffered his fourth collapsed lung in February 2022 and had to undergo a Bullectomy surgery to remove air pockets from his right lung.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

According to Draven, the experience was excruciatingly painful and left him with PTSD. He said, “The doctor said that my lungs looked like I’d smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for at least 30 years. I was pretty upset. I thought vaping was better than smoking and I was worried about my future. I was very scared.” He also admitted to becoming addicted to vaping, going through two to three vapes a week and using disposables every two to three days.

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Draven is now warning others, especially teenagers, about the dangers of vaping and the long-term consequences of its use. He still experiences pain and has scars from the collapsed lungs. He stated that he will never touch a vape or smoke again and is confident that vaping caused the damage.

The case of Draven Hatfield serves as a cautionary tale about the potential dangers of vaping, especially among young people.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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