Tanzanians Furious After KQ Plane Did An Emergency Landing In Arusha!

What goes around comes around!

Tanzanians have treated the landing of a KQ plane in their country with the same fury Kenyans did when a Chinese plane secretly landed at JKIA.

The plane was said to have flown from Zambia and was set to land at JKIA before the attempts failed.

The aircraft diverted to Arusha where it safely touched down with passengers on board. Unlike the Chinese Southern Airlines case, the KQ plane had come from Zambia, a no high risk country as opposed to China where the Southern Airlines had flown from.

Tanzanians have now gone into a wild frenzy as they fear of the plane having coronavirus victims considering Kenya has so far confirmed three cases.

The landing of the plane even with it flying from a fairly secure country as regards coronavirus rattled them taking to internet to curse and demand authorities to force the plane out of their space.

Below is how they reacted:

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