Tanga Tanga Politicians Change Their Stand on BBI Report

Tanga Tanga politicians have now changed their stand on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report after holding a meeting in Naivasha on Monday.

They initially claimed to be in full support of the implementation of the report that was handed to the president by the BBI taskforce leader Yusuf Haji.

According to them, they have laid out conditions they feel should be met if they are to continue to support its implementation.

Their first demand is the setting aside of 3.5% of the national revenue to go towards the Judiciary Fund so as to enhance the independence of the judiciary. They also want 5% of the revenue to go towards the National Guaranteed Minimum Return Fund so as to support local farmers.

The third demand is setting another 5% of the national revenue to go towards a national post-education Kazi Kwa Vijana that will support graduating youth from schools, colleges and universities. This fund would support the youth for up to five years after graduation.

Another 5% of the national revenues being demanded to be set aside to go towards the National Business Capital Support Fund that would provide start-up and growth capital to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for youth, women, and persons living with disabilities.

Last, they demand 5% of the revenue to go towards the National Landless & Squatters Resettlement Fund so as to buy land and resettle the landless and squatters.

These demands were posted by Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria on his social media platform. He captioned the image of the demands with the statement “Naivasha Declaration”.

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