South Sudan to Deport Two COVID-19 Patients to Kenya

The government of South Sudan is being reported to be making arrangements to deport two Kenyans back to Kenya after testing positive for COVID-19.

This decision was reportedly agreed at the task-force meeting on Saturday led by First Vice President Riek Machar. It was agreed that special permission would be sought for the Kenyan embassy to land aircraft 5Y-HOT CARAVAN C208 at Juba International Airport and that the pilots should remain onboard at all times.

South Sudanese authorities had further noted that they would engage the Kenyan embassy to land an aircraft operated by Federal Air Limited to repatriate nine more Kenyans to the country.

South Sudan has, so far, reported only four confirmed cases of COVID-19. The Kenyan government is yet to confirm the reports of the deportation of the two positive cases.

Kenya suspended all international flights into and out of the country with only cargo flights being exempted from the directive. It is yet to be seen how the Kenyan government will respond to this directive issued by the South Sudan directive.

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