Sonko’s Sanitation Booths Vandalized in Kibra

The sanitation booths installed in Kibra constituency by Sonko Rescue Team have been vandalized on Monday.

The booths are reported to have been vandalized under the supervision of the Deputy County Commissioner. Governor Mike Sonko installed the booths in several parts of Nairobi County to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Kibra, an area considered to be of high risk, was one of the few places to get the sanitation booths installed by Sonko Rescue Team only to be vandalized 24 hours later.

Governor Sonko took his frustrations to social media saying that the DCC was acting under the instructions of Interior PS Karanja Kibicho to frustrate him.

He said that the vandalism was a clear indicator that there are people in government who would rather have Kenyans die of the pandemic rather than help them.

Sonko even questioned why the government had no issue with the sanitation booths installed by Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

I am saddened by the vandalism that occurred earlier today, supervised by the Kibra Deputy County Commissioner who personally confirmed his ill actions to me.

Today’s action is not only evil but proof that indeed we have people in government who would rather have Kenyans die of the pandemic or starvation than see them helped by people they (government officers) don’t like politically,

Recently, my colleague and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho launched public sanitization booths in partnership with the Suleiman Shahbal Foundation, that are boldly emblazoned with the names of the two leaders, and nobody has had a problem with that.

However, when Governor Sonko started distributing food to thousands of starving families in Nairobi’s informal settlements, the Provincial Administration was quick to ban the exercise.

Mike Sonko

A section of Kibra residents also expressed their anger to the government for frustrating Sonko’s efforts to send aid to them. They said they were open to receiving aid from anyone with the capacity to do so.

Watch the video below:

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