“Son! There Is Life After Death…” Read What Moi Told Gideon Before Passing On!

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has for the first time since his father’s death opened his chest on the last moments he had with him before breathing out his last.

Moi died on Tuesday morning triggering a somber setting throughout the country and beyond the border. President Kenyatta upon breaking the news of Moi’s death announced an observation of national mourning until the late is interred.

The news was later confirmed by the family.

“He passed away peacefully. I was by his side. As a family, we have accepted this. Mine is to give gratitude for all Kenyans and non-Kenyans for their prayers,” Gideon said in the morning of the demise.

After retreating to their home in Kabarnet Gardens in Nairobi, Senator Moi with the whole of his family has been receiving dignitaries who came over to share the grief.

Governors, MPs, Senators among other political leaders have been trooping to Moi’s home to pass their condolences. It is on the occasion that Gideon shared his last moments with the late Mzee Moi minutes before meeting the maker.

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“When he saw I was starting to become emotional, he told me, my son, to accept life you must accept death. But there is also life after death. Be strong when the time comes because I am going home to my father,” the Senator recalled.

Of all the memories, Gideon says he cherishes the most the words of encouragement his father would give. He adds the encouragement and advice he received were the best things to ever have happened to him.

The senator could not forget to thank Kenyans who since Moi’s death have been praying for the family and giving all manners of support.

“We are grateful for the respect that every Kenyan has shown towards our family during this period. May our God bless you all,” Senator Moi said.

Moi will be laid to rest at his home in Kabarak on Wednesday 12. The state has taken over the funeral and burial preparations to see that the late receive a deservedly befitting send-off.

Kenyans have been granted a public holiday on February 11 when the main funeral service will be held, the venue being the new-looking Nyayo Stadium.

Before then, members of the public will have the privilege to view the body of Mzee Moi at the Parliament Buildings in Nairobi.

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