Should You Trust Wikileaks?

Many Kenyans were taken by surprise when the whistleblower website Wikileaks dumped files that show what actually happened in 2007. The most shocking revelation was that of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s involvement in the post-election violence.

While the records dumped on their website seem genuine, should you trust Wikileaks?

Once cited as the future of investigative journalism, Wikileaks has gained notoriety for leaking classified documents to the limelight. Some of its popular leaks include releasing 400,000 secret US military logs of its operations in Iraq and a video of a US Apache helicopter killing 12 people in Baghdad.

Its main purpose, over the years, is to leak the shady deals by world leaders with Kenya not being an exception. Critics have questioned its authenticity over the years as more and more classified documents are revealed to the public.

Their criticism, however, doesn’t change the fact that none of the leaked documents has ever been taken down. The website’s credibility is made even more apparent when several government officials across the world have been taken to court over the same documents.

Hillary Clinton has been a victim of the leaks herself when excerpts of her Wall Street speeches were leaked on the website in 2016. What surprised many is that she did not deny any of the excerpts.

The biggest problem with Wikileaks is that it is simply a data dump. While they publish information that no one else has access to, the website does not give the full picture to a particular case of interest. The website simply publishes what they receive.

This means the information released is open to anyone’s interpretation. Some may take it as the absolute truth while some may decide to call it convenient timing during its release.

Remember, their information has been proven to be very reliable over the years. The only issue is that it is just data. Just pieces of a bigger puzzle.

Data, as my computer teacher used to say, is just nothing but numbers and words. They have no meaning until it is converted to useful information.

With that said, breakingnews.co.ke recommends that you take the information with a grain of salt. There is more to this story than what has been revealed.

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