Should Bahati’s Reality Show Be Cancelled?

Gospel Artist Kevin Bahati has received heavy criticism after broadcasting his latest episode of his Bahati Reality Show on NTV.

People have expressed their displeasure with the show and have been begging the media company to scrap the show altogether. This was made apparent when NTV highlighted what was to come on the latest episode of the show.

Comments made on the episode promo were not receptive as people sarcastically thanked NTV for reminding them to change their channels.

Thanks for reminding us to switch to other TV stations

This is mediocrity of the highest order which makes me vomit while am watching better I watch another station I will be back when its perpetuated

Relax folks, the program is meant to make you switch off your TV to something else

Watching tom and jerry😎😎😎

Bahati, himself, has received backlash for doing things that would seem to be a cry for better ratings and views on YouTube. He has also been accused of following the footsteps of Willy Paul who has since shifted his focus to the secular world.

Despite the cries from the public, it seems that NTV will still air the show for the time being.

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