Security Guard By Day,Student In The Evening;Officer Cherono Tells It All

Miss Naomi Cherono works at Egerton University, Town Campus, as a security guard during the day where she couples up a student. She is a darling to many students, the institution’s staff and clients.

A lecturer at the higher learning institution describes her as a hardworking student. She received a rare commendation from the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof Rose Mwonya, for her efforts to earn herself an education.

Cherono in class

Cherono at times rubs shoulders with students for her slow space when clearing them. She attributes the slow clearance to fatigue as she rarely rests trying to balance her job and studies.

Sometimes when I look at some of these students who reprimand me, I pray to God to give me the strength to study hard and join them at the historic graduation square one day. Sometimes it is good to accord people respect since no situation is permanent. This world is a global village and you never know the next meeting point.

Many Kenyans view security guards as failures in life and school dropouts who do not deserve respect.

Ms Cherono is a Library Information Science student and is set to graduate this year. She has huge fee arrears that may hinder her from graduating. Her fee balance currently stands at Sh 268000.

I have decided to work as a guard in the day and in the evening I attend my classes. My dream of walking home with my certificate may not live to fruition considering my huge balance.

Cherono sat her secondary examination in 2012 scoring a D. She is currently a Diploma student after sitting and passing her certificate examinations.

Cherono says her education candle is never dimming.

Getting a D was a camouflaged blessing as I have been able to realize my potential. I want to be an example to other girls who seem to lose hope after scoring poor grades.

She confesses that her dream is to pursue a PhD in Library studies. Cherono, however, fears that her education dreams might face hurdles as she hails from a poor background.

I come from a poor background. I am the firstborn in a family of 10. My father is a mere tractor driver while my mother is a housewife. They both share the burden of taking care of my siblings leaving me as the sole contributor to top my fee payment.

Cherono continues to work hard in class as she hopes a well-wisher will come her way and help her pursue her dreams to the fullest.

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