Rwanda Closes Down Churches And Schools Over Coronavirus Outbreak

Rwandese government is after measures to prevent further transmission of the feared coronavirus after the country reported its first case on Saturday, March 14.

The case in Rwanda was of an Indian national who traveled from Mumbai, India on March 8. The ministry of health said the Indian reported himself to a health facility where he was subjected to tests before being found positive of the COVID-19.

The ministry assured the Indian had been isolated and that he was in a stable condition.

The health ministry has now directed the closure of schools and gatherings as churches to deny the virus any possible ground for spreading.

In an official statement, the ministry says the new measures will be observed in a period of 14 days in order to strengthen the country’s ability to mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 coronavirus transmission.

Places of worship will be closed from Sunday, March 15 with prayers being conducted from home. Schools and higher institutions will be closed from Monday, March 16 until further notice.

Where possible, employers have been urged to allow their staff to work from home to minimize the chances of the virus being transmitted through meetings and gatherings.

For large gatherings as weddings or sporting events, organizers have been required to either reduce the number of attendees or postpone the events. Public transport vehicles will also be monitored to avoid overcrowding.

Any person suspecting to have the symptoms of the COVID-19 has been advised to self-isolate themselves at home before calling a toll free number (114) for help and guidance from medics.

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