Ruto Beats Raila In Random Poll

Ahead of the possible fierce political contest in 2022, players are mobilizing their camps as well as employing different strategies that tend to be viable in earning them win.

The radar is currently on who takes over from President Kenyatta after his retirement in the year.

President Kenyatta has been clear of being ready to leave office come the end of his two-term presidency which will be marked by the 2022 vote.

Deputy President William Ruto is known to be eyeing the seat and has declared his interest in having his name on ballot. His worthy competitor who happens to be Raila Odinga has not been any clear on whether or not he will be running for the seat, considering he had declared the 2017 polls being his “last bullet”, though signs show he’s still hopeful in having the seat.

BBI has become a key factor in the current politicking, those vouching for it being seen as Raila’s allies, while those against being thought as Ruto’s soldiers.

As the clock gradually ticks, Kenyans have ever seen the need to rate the two key political figures who many believe they will be taking on each other in 2022.

Despite handful of scandalous deals with his name, William Ruto is still believed to be the real man to take over from Uhuru Kenyatta. He’s being credited for political wit, soothing tongue, low key stature while interacting with common citizens and so forth.

In a random survey, Ruto would clinch the top seat if elections were held today. The poll shows Ruto enjoying more than 70 per cent of support, while Raila stands at 20+ per cent, that being a much far cry from the constitutional 50+1 per cent.

Much though is still awaited as numbers are also believed to take role in the vote. According to the census report recently released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Ruto’s backyard counts more than 5 Million people. Raila’s records more than 4 million.

Raila still boasts of support from the Luhya setting who are reported to be the second after Kikuyu in population, thus that being advantageous on his side.

Kikuyus lead with more than 8 million, though that can’t be a guarantee to William Ruto -who has been key in Kenyatta’s political success- considering the evident rift between him and Uhuru Kenyatta.

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