Ringtone Claims That Papa Dennis Was Homeless

Controversial Gospel artist Ringtone has revealed new information that might suggest why Papa Dennis jumped to his death in Ngara.

He spoke to Willy M Tuva on his show Mambo Mseto where he said that Papa Dennis died due to stress. According to Ringtone, his plans did not work accordingly and wasn’t living the life he expected.

Papa Dennis

Ringtone went on to confirm that he was sleeping in a recording studio and other young artists who came to the studio saw his misery.

Let’s not lie to each other and also help others learn from this, it’s true he used to live in the studio and other artistes would come to record and see a singer who lived a flashy life in his music videos now suffering, I would have done the same


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He also said that he was the first to reach the location on the day Papa Dennis died. The artist also confirmed the rumour that Papa Dennis had fallen out with Sadat Muhindi, who has responded by saying that the 5-year-contract came to an end.

When Willy M Tuva asked Ringtone if he ever offered to help Dennis, he said that the late singer never opened up to his struggles. He also reminded fans to contribute towards the burial.

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