REVEALED: This Is How Raila’s Victories In Elections Were Snatched

Cambridge Analytica came to the knowledge of many after the 2017 general polls which Jubilee won the hotly contested presidency sit, then NASA’s Raila Odinga emerging the second disputing the outcome.

The firm is believed to also have helped the current US President to clinch the win in the 2016 elections, extending its reach to Kenya in 2017 when it reportedly worked cahoots with the Jubilee government to win the polls anyhow. The firm also had a hand in the 2013 polls but came into the limelight in 2017.

The company which mostly majors in data mining is remarked to have stolen data from Facebook users without their consent, using them for political advertisements and making news in favor of some figures which would later come to be found as fake.

Jubilee has never admitted the fact that it hired Cambridge Analytica since 2013, and maintained them to 2017.

The data extracted from users unknowingly became under manipulation, and used to create an impression in favor of some competitors in the polls and as well create an impression that demeaned the other division in the whole political contest.

Facebook has since been condemned for being that damning permeable allowing its users’ data to be taken and used for other benefits far from them.

Raila’s team, then CORD, had almost worked with the US-based firm in the 2013 election but shun their services due to the “confidence” of winning the election they had then. Jubilee took them, the reason why they won the election.

In 2017 on seeing how “prolific” the firm was, NASA approached them but they would only stick to Jubilee. Something that assured them the “loss”.

So, if Raila would have accepted to work with Cambridge Analytica in 2013, he would have “won” the election and the subsequent ones! But would the tale still be the same! Because the loser anyway would owe that to the embattled data mining company!

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