Revealed date When KQ Will Resume Operations

After more than four months of staying lethargic, Kenya’s flagship carrier Kenya Airways is set to resume operations beginning September this year.

Passenger flights will kick off but on quite a low note as the carrier assesses the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic which has plagued and disadvantaged the world since its advent in the start of 2020.

KQ’s revenue flow has been on the rocks since the order to halt flights just when the pandemic was constantly gaining momentum.

The carrier even on hinting of resuming business still bank on their destiny nations lifting the travel bans initially sanctioned in bid to combat the spread of coronavirus.

“There is a reasonable expectation that the flights could resume in the third quarter of the year with business expected to have started at very low capacity and a gradual ramp-up, influenced by the gradual lifting of travel bans, uncertain passenger confidence, and health safety measures,” the KQ management is hopeful.

Its team is already engaging the relevant players to effect a comeback, however gradual, with the object of re-birthing generation of income as well as covering the financial void that has been caused by the pandemic.

“The resumption is expected to happen within the period of the moratoriums already being negotiated with lenders and lessors and thereby allowing the airline to grow back its revenue base and gradually cover its fixed costs,” KQ says.

KQ has been running on cargo flights and which were only reserved for the necessities like medical equipment and such, missing on the target to secure a bailout form the national treasury.

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