REPORT: Kenyan Men Most Faithful in Africa

Since 2015 Kenyan men have always been the most faithful when it comes to love and relationship matters, a survey has shown.

This is courtesy of State of the World’s Fathers which has been proving African men can be trusted, and mostly Kenyan men have been the ones on top.

The list of the Africans comprised 25 countries, Kenya leading from the top, while Nigeria, Uganda, and Ethiopia tailing at the bottom, with their men being thought to be the most promiscuous in the continent.

The ones from the bottom three countries were said to have more than one spouse, or they are married but have multiple sex partners, or they are unmarried but live with multiple sexual relationships.

Kenyans have bitten all these odds. According to the survey, Kenyan men are only stuck to their sole partners if in marriage, or if not married they only have one to call their spouses. In nutshell, the country has her ladies lucky, thanks to these faithful men.

However, the counterparts from the opposite gender have always questioned this report, many terming it as baseless and with no substance.

“Based on the radio programs I listen to in the morning that allow women to call and lament on hoe their husbands have children and mpango wa kandos outside marriages, and also the social media pages that cropped up such as Deadbeat Kenya, I noticed there is a huge problem.” One Wairimu disagrees.

Others argue the difficult financial times have made men in the country even to be more unfaithful, as they would not accept responsibilities to rear children, moving from one relationship to the other trying to fight the stress.

State of the World’s Fathers is a survey funded and produced by MenCare whose main aim was originally to empower men and fathers across the globe before it allowed for women.

The organization use the role of fatherhood, who outplays the other in regards to roles in a relationship etc as the parameters while conducting the survey.

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