Raila Odinga: I Have Forgiven Senator Ledama

ODM Leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday announced that he had forgiven Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina for challenging the party position on constitution of Senate committees.

Raila made the decision after a group of Maasai elders visited his Karen home in the company of Ledama who surrendered and apologized to the ODM Leader.

Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina has this morning agreed to withdraw the case he had filed against ODM over the Senate Public Accounts Committee chairmanship, surrendered the seat and apologized. In return I’ve instructed the party to reverse the decision to dewhip the Senator,” Odinga said in a statement. 

Ledama had on Friday hinted that his fight was not likely to result to much if he did not win the confidence of his party leader.

If my party chooses to de-whip me because it perceives me as disloyal, it does not matter how badly I fight it, the only thing I can do is to convince them that I’m loyal and fight for what is mine from within. However, as a house we may need to define the difference party loyalty and meritocracy but for Kindiki, it boils down to loyalty. I want to assure my party leader that despite the rumours you are getting, I’m loyal to the ODM,” the Senator said.

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