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VIDEO: Rafael Tuju Flown Out Of The Country For Further Treatment

Jubilee Party Secretary-General Rafael Tuju has been flown out of the country for further specialized treatment after a more than a week-long admission at a hospital in Karen.

In an official communication, the Jubilee Party has informed the decision to have Tuju being flown out of the country was reached upon consultations between his family and the doctors.

“We are in close and constant communication with the family on every progress made and will continue giving progress reports on his condition,” Jubilee Party.

Through its Communication Director Mr. Memusi, Jubilee asked Kenyans to pray for Tuju as he tries to recover.

“The party requests that we keep praying for his quick recovery,” part of the Party’s statement.

Tuju was involved in an accident on February 12 when he was heading to Kabarak, Nakuru to attend the burial of the late former president Mzee Daniel Moi.

The carnage happened at Magina area, along Nairobi-Nakuru highway. His vehicle engaged a PSV vehicle in a head-on collision when the latter had tried to overtake another vehicle, finding itself on the lane that Tuju’s car was being driven.

He was taken Kijabe hospital for treatment before being airlifted to Karen on the very day.

Tuju’s personal doctors have however noted the improvement their patient had shown, that being proved by his withdrawal from the ICU to normal ward.

It has however not been disclosed where the CS without portfolio is being flown to.

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