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Prophet Owuor With No Beard: From Molecular Genetics PHD to Preaching Repentance

Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor is a well-known figure not only in Kenya but across the globe. He is considered one of the most recognized prophets, and the security he receives when holding meetings in the country rivals that of many political leaders. Dr. Owuor is perhaps the only private citizen in the country with police outriders, a privilege that even cabinet secretaries don’t have. During international visits to countries, he is always honored as a Head of State and even given the chance to address the country’s senate, like Chile.

A Mysterious Life

Despite his fame, Dr. Owuor’s life is shrouded in mystery. Many people wonder where he was all along, and most importantly, whether the “Dr.” in his name is actual or just honorary. However, Dr. Owuor is indeed an educated man with a PhD in Molecular Genetics.

Dr. Owuor was born in 1966 in Bondo District, Kenya. He studied at Makerere University (Uganda), the University of Nairobi (Kenya), Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel), University of Haifa (Israel), and University of Giessen, Institute for Genetics, specializing in molecular genetic engineering and examining DNA cloning and nucleotide sequence analysis for medical drug design and discovery.

After completing his doctorate from Mount Carmel, Haifa (Israel), Dr. Owuor joined the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center (UIC), Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology as a Post Doctoral Fellow specializing in signal transduction by Cancer Chemotherapeutic drugs. During this time, he examined the role of tamoxifen as a chemotherapeutic drug targeting breast cancer and the signaling pathways involved. He also lectured to Ph.D. graduate students in the Pharmaceutics & Pharmacodynamics and Drug Metabolism by Cancer Chemotherapeutic and Chemopreventive Drugs Program of the UIC Medical Center.

Dr. Owuor was then appointed Research Teaching Specialist in the Division of Surgical Oncology, The Department of Surgery, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ)-UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. After this, he was appointed a Consultant Specialist in cDNA microarray analysis, in Forensic Toxicology and Aircraft Accidents at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI). At the CAMI, Dr. Owuor published in international medical peer-reviewed journals such as Aero Space Medical Research R&D Bulletin, carcinogenesis, Journal for Biological Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Research Journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and Biochemical Pharmacology, among others.

Prophet Owour’s Police escort and grand entrance in Nakuru

The Call to Preach Repentance

Despite his success in the field of molecular genetics, Dr. Owuor’s life took a significant turn when God called him on July 3, 2003. In his own narration, the Lord appeared to him and physically touched Dr. Owuor’s mouth, took him into another room within his house, and then left him there. In October of the same year, The Lord appeared to Dr. Owuor again, this time with Prophets Moses and Elijah on one side of the Ark of the New Covenant of The Lord GOD in heaven, while Daniel was on the other side of the Ark of the New Covenant of The Lord GOD.

On April 2, 2004, between 2 pm and 4 pm, The Lord appeared to Dr. Owuor again and presented John the Baptist on his right-hand side. The Holy Spirit spoke to Dr. Owuor by voice instructing him to go warn the four corners of the earth to repent in Christ Jesus and prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ, the Lamb of God.

This was the beginning of Dr. Owuor’s ministry. He started holding massive crusades, where he would preach repentance, healing, and deliverance. His messages were accompanied by signs and wonders, including healings of various ailments and afflictions, restoration of sight to the blind, and even resurrection of the dead.

As his ministry grew, so did his following. People from all walks of life, both in Kenya and abroad, started flocking to his meetings, hungry for the word of God and the manifestation of His power.

Prophet Owuor addressing members of Chile’s Senate Chambers.

Dr. Owuor’s ministry has not been without controversy, however. There have been accusations of cult-like practices, brainwashing, and manipulation of his followers. Some have also questioned the source of his power, with some even suggesting that he may be using demonic forces to perform his miracles.

Prophet Owuor allegedly healed the crippled.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Owuor has continued to soldier on, steadfast in his mission to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ. He has also continued to make headlines, both locally and internationally, with his prophetic messages and miracles.

In 2019, for instance, he made headlines when he claimed to have prophesied the locust invasion that ravaged parts of East Africa, including Kenya. He also claimed to have prophesied the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent global lockdowns.

Nakuru Residents washing the road with Soap for Prophet Owuor

He has also been known to perform miracles, including healing the sick and even bringing people back to life. These miracles have been documented and verified by medical professionals, adding to his already legendary status.

As Prophet Owuor’s ministry continues to grow and his followers multiply, many still wonder about the significance of his long, dreadlocked beard. Some say it is a symbol of his dedication to the scriptures and his distinction as a prophet. Others, like former member Kinoti Joseph, claim that the miracles performed by Owuor’s church are fake. Despite the controversy surrounding him, Prophet Owuor’s message of repentance and holiness has touched the lives of many. What will be the future of his ministry and the significance of his beard? Only time will tell.

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