Prophet Owuor Exposed For His “Miracles” By Former Church Member

A former member of Prophet Owuor’s Repentance and Holiness Ministry has exposed the self-proclaimed prophet as a liar, and a hypocrite.

Joseph Kinoti termed Owuor’s miracles fake as they “do not meet any of the biblical standards”. These standards include being instant, complete, and permanent.

He quit his university education to devote himself to serving in the church as a pastor, later promoted to the overseer and finally as the Prophet’s Twitter Army Prefect.

Though a long thread of tweets on his Twitter page, Kinoti shared how Prophet Owuor tricks people into believing that he has performed a miracle.

He gives an example of Sandra, one of the people who are believed to have been ‘healed’ by ‘God’s prophet’. She was visited by Owuor’s pastors near her home to attend the July 7-8 Central Park meeting with promises of healing.

Sandra Waruguru

The pastors take away her walker and leave Sandra to walk on her own. Joseph notes that her walking was pitiful as her legs were deformed. Owuor then tells the crowd that she is learning to walk; a phrase he is known to repeat.

Sandra collapsed once she got to the stage. There were no bodies nor rails to support her. Her walking is pitiful. Owuor throws in his commentary; Sandra is ‘learning to walk’ Mark that LEARNING. You’ll hear it many times

Joseph Kinoti

Kinoti goes on to state that the prophet forcibly robs the ‘healed’ of their walking aids, wheelchairs, and crutches which are retained as a testimony to his healing prowess. He said that they are stored in Nakuru at ICM, the same place that houses his radio station.

Three weeks later, Sandra opened a fundraising account to get funds for surgery. She did this with the approval from Owuor as “her healing was already decreed”.

Read the Twitter threads below:

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