Popular Vixen In Binti Kiziwi Hit By Z Anto Released After Years Of Jail In China

The sole vixen in Tanzania’s Z Anto’s Binti Kiziwi hit was released after serving a sentence in china where she was found guilty of indulging in drug trafficking.

Identified as Sandra Khan, the vixen was nabbed in 2013 at an airport in China after TSA Screening at the airport showed she had swallowed the drugs and hid in her stomach.

With the unidentified drugs in her stomach, she began complaining of stomach problems before she was taken to a health facility within the airport, only scanning to reveal and confirm she had taken in the drugs’ pellets.

She was attended to while at the facility as officers waited to apprehend her upon her discharge from the facility.

She was later presented before a court in China where she was found guilty of trafficking drugs, a crime against public order in the country. She was sentenced to five years in prison, serving through December 2019 when the sentence came to a halt.

As confirmed by a local news outlet, Sandra is currently in Dar es Salaam and has since her return been visited by Z Anto, the golden-voiced artist behind the popular jam.


Rumours had initially surfaced that Sandra had been hanged in China, Z Anto rubbishing them through a series of media interviews in Tanzania. The artist said Sandra was serving a lawful sentence and would be back soon after the term is over.

Sandra was the “deaf girl” Z Anto was referring to in the song, though he would still love her, her hearing impairment notwithstanding.

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