Police Officer Arrested For Demanding Bribe From Another Officer

One police officer has been arrested in Ruiru, Kiambu County while seeking a bribe from another police officer on Tuesday evening.

Constable Charles Mbugua stopped a vehicle driven by Corporal Bernard Langat and tried to extort money from him for violating curfew orders.

Langat, who is attached to Kahawa West Police Post, was driving from the hospital when he was stopped by two men in civilian clothes. It is reported that they took his ignition key and demanded money from him.

Suspecting that the two officers were impostors, Langat raised an alarm to which members of the public responded to. The suspects were eventually subdued.

Thorough investigations established that Constable Charles, a GSU officer, was working together with a civilian named Michael Njenga Chege.

Both are expected to be charged with violating curfew and extortion. Michael will also get an extra charge for impersonating an officer.

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