PHOTOS: Malia Obama Smoking In Public

It took many by shock to come to realize that the eldest daughter to former US President Barack Obama Malia is a chain smoker, her background and the staunch ideologies of her father notwithstanding.

The 21-year-old schools at world’s ritzy university Harvard where she is in her third year.

Malia Obama is believed to have been introduced to smoking by her millionaire boyfriend Rory Farquharson who also studies at the prestigious university.

Malia was spotted enjoying the puffs in the company of Rory leaving onlookers puzzled.

The two had left the varsity for classes break and headed to a sandwich joint in the outskirts of Massachusetts where they let their lighters out and kept it burning.

Rory joined Harvard University in 2016 to undertake a program biasing on banking and finance and came to meet Malia in 2017 when she joined the institution.

Rory Farquharson, Malia’s boyfriend.

The two became an item since 2017 always accompanying each other recently coming out of the U.K where they had camped for Christmas vacation.

On realizing the attention she had accorded the public, Malia tossed her piece down, stepped on it and went inside the sandwich joint later to be joined by her fiance.

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