“Pambana Na Hali Yako!!” George Aladwa Hits Hard On Moses Kuria After Latter’s Belittling Sentiments

Makadara MP has gotten out of silence zone for the first time after being mum for long even as politics in the country take shape, him being known as an active player.

Being vocal and a known ardent of Raila Odinga, Hon. Aladwa has been away from the stage having many ask of his whereabouts.

Makadara MP George Aladwa joined secondary 23 years after doing KCPE - Parliament records show

The MP has resurfaced but in a fierce exchange with Gatundu MP Moses Kuria who alleged Aladwa had been appointed to the Budget and Appropriations Committee in parliament to replace him in a perceived purge that is by all accounts directed to William Ruto’s loyalists.

“Friends & haters are a reminder of who you are. Who would have thought that George Aladwa is my replacement as a member of The Budget & Appropriations Committee? Life is fake. Congratulations my brother. You won the loyalty test. I failed,” Hon. Kuria said.

George Aladwa found the above so disparaging and would not let it lie, coming up with a rebuttal that has had Moses Kuria not coming back to retaliate.

“Moses Kuria with all due respect am not your equal. I am a seasoned politician who has served my people in major positions last being the Mayor of the Capital City of this Great Republic Kenya NAIROBI unlike you. For your information, I have been sworn in a record of EIGHT times,” Aladwa clapped back.

Aladwa further found it pathetic to liken himself to Moses Kuria whom he said got to parliament without any vote and thus shouldn’t fool himself as the electorate in Gatundu South may have a change of mind come 2022.

“During the last General Elections my people had confidence in me and I gained a whopping 45,000 plus votes from my Makadara Constituents unlike you who was voted by NOBODY!!! I pity the great people of Gatundu South for having you as their Honourable Member and hope they’ll make the right decision come 2022,” the Makadara MP still hit.

“Get your facts right before yapping here on social media. PAMBANA NA HALI YAKO!” Aladwa said.

Mr. Kuria has been faulted for being exceedingly and inessentially vocal making him appear a blockhead when he actually could avoid it.

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