One Of The Talai Elders Expelled After Condemning DP Ruto’s Coronation

One of the members that form the Talai sect has been thrown out after allegedly going against the group’s decision to crown Ruto as the kingpin in the Rift Valley region ahead of the 2022 vote.

Mzee Christopher Koyogi had said the ceremony was incomplete and inconsequential given it was conducted without the observation of the essential key aspects as stipulated by the culture of the Nandi faction from the whole Kalenjin world.

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DP Ruto in a past cultural event.

“We are not against the coronation that was done at Kapsisiywa, but we are against the way in which it was executed, for instance, there is not use of honey when the leader is dressed with the Sambut,” Koyogi said while in objection of the coronation.

Mzee Koyogi has therefore been dismissed for what the elders say is “fostering and openly defying the council’s decision”.

Talai Council led by Mr. James Baasi says the crowning was done within the cultural protocols recognized by the clan and in line with the rites that the council is founded on.

The decision to oust Mr. Konyagi was reached after 22 out of the 25 members of the council voted in favor of his expulsion, saying his stance has tarnished the image of Talai.

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