Ommy Dimpoz Exposes Kenyan Artist For Farting in Vehicle

Ommy Dimpoz is one of the most recognized Tanzanian showbiz stars in East Africa thanks to his melodic voice.

However, if all fails, Ommy Dimpoz could have a career in comedy. His hilarious personality was showcased during a segment on Radio Maisha called ‘Kuni Noma’ where celebrities answer a set of 10 random questions asked.

Among the questions asked to Ommy Dimpoz was whether he has ever masturbated, whether he has ever turned down a lucrative offer and whether he has ever been tempted to kick someone out of his car.

“Ushawahi piga punyeto? (Have you ever masturbated)?”the host asked and Ommy said, “Hiyo kila mtu boss.”

Another question that Ommy had to mention Susumila “Msanii wa mwisho ambaye ulipea lifti kwenye gari lako ukatamani kumshukisha?” Clemo asked

Ommy revealed that the culprit, in this case, is one of the most recognized showbiz stars from the coast, Susumila who is a bongo musician. He revealed that the star farted so badly that Ommy wanted him out of his car and into an Uber. The singer disclosed that Susumila had eaten a lot of eggs and got gassy to a point Ommy thought he would die.

“Atakuwa Susumila alikuwa ameyala mayai mengi sana. Anaharibu hewa. Nikamwambia Susumila sawa unajitetea lakini utaniua kwa harufu mbaya. Maanake alikuja Dar nikamwambia Susumila nitakuitia uber. Utaniua,”Ommy revealed.


The hilarity did not stop there as when he was asked what his biggest shopping regret was he said, “I regret buying a condom. Maanake mkusudiwa hakuja.”

The host also sought to find out if he patched things up with Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz.

“Una number ya Diamond kwa simu yako?” Clemmo the host asked and Ommy said, “Sasa hivi sina, sababu nilibadilisha simu but nikitaka ni dakika moja.

Ommy Dimpoz

“Ni deal gani ulipewa ukaiturn down?” read another question on the segment.

“Ilikuwa ni kampeni ya uchaguzi. Niliangalia nikaamua kukaa neutral so sikupigia kampeni chama chochote. Nilikuwa nahisi pressure ilikuwa kubwa sana nikaona ni bora nisipige kampeni. Nilihofia na mambo ya kugawa mafans,” he revealed.

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