NPS Spokesperson Charles Owino Defends The Police Over Brutality Condemnations

The National Police Service spokesperson Charles Owino has cushioned the police against the blame being directed their way after showing brutality to civilians while effecting curfew on Friday.

Mr. Owino said the citizens were the ones to blame given the order had been issued two days earlier and they were to prepare accordingly not to meet the predicament they found themselves in.

Commenting on the incident at the Likoni crossing channel, Owino faulted the members of the public for their failure to observe social distancing and as well being violent to police thus provoking their anger.

“Ferry users in Mombasa defied social distancing guidelines and stoned police officers that prompting law enforcers to apply force,” Charles Owino, Police Spokesperson.

He however added that the officers acting with excessive force will be identified and disciplinary action taken against them.

“We must not run away from ourselves. We must be disciplined as a people. As a service, we will take action on individual officers who went beyond their actions. Let us obey the law, maintain social distance,” Charles Owino.

Mr.Owino disconcerted netizens who called him out for insensitivity after lauding his officers when they were abusing their powers subjecting civilians to hostility.

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