Nigerian Lady;My Bride Price Is Sh99M,Pay Or Keep Off.

A Nigerian lady made an audacious revelation on twitter that sparked a heated conversation. The lady, whom we choose to name Lilian, claimed that her bride price stands at a converted Sh 99 million or one million dollar as she put it.

Lilian asked men who could not afford her asking price to keep off and not try seducing her. The expensive tag has had men wondering what special thing she would bring to the marriage, if at all she will land an interested suitor.

In African customary law, before a woman is married off, a man is obliged to part with an amount or livestock to appease his in-laws and to fully secure the bride. Dowry prices dates from the times of African forefathers with developments and twists on the prize occurring over time.

In the past dowry was entirely paid in form of crops or animals preferably goats or cattle. With recent advancements, bride prizes have progressed seeing men part with large chunks of money coupled by a herd of livestock.

These advancements informed the young ladies expectations from her interested suitors. She insisted her bride price had to be that expensive if one is seriously into her. The said Twitter account is under the username @gbemi_rema. According to her Twitter bio, she is a computer scientist and a fashion designer.

Lilian was incessant that men who could afford her should not dare slide to her DM.

Her tweet read;

My bride price must be one dollar. If you don’t have it please shift lol.

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