Nigerian Actress Regina Married Ned Nwoko Because of wealth

Since Regina Daniels got married to Ned Nwoko, questions have been swirling that she did it simply for money.

For a man near their 60s getting to marry a teenager, that question is definitely going to pop up.

Well Regina has never admitted to marrying for money but her sister Destiny has just done it for her on social media.

Destiny Daniels in a battle with a troll essentially all but admitted that her sister married for money and that she would do so too if given the chance.

The ‘truth’ came out when a troll told Destiny to make sure she marries a young man and not an old man like her sister did.

Destiny hit back that if young people made money some ladies won’t be forced to marry old men!

“You that you are young, your own is to be posting engagement ring because all the girls you proposed to didn’t accept your foolishness simply because you’re broke…….pls make money let young girls marry young guys,” she wrote.

Finally, someone from the Daniels family has spit the truth out!

Checkout her post below…

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