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New Report: Guns Kill More Kids in US Than Car Crashes

The United States, a country known for its wealth and advanced healthcare system, is facing a shocking reality: a decline in life expectancy. Unlike other countries that rebounded after Covid-19, the US has not recovered. National Public Radio (NPR) published an eye-opening article titled ‘Live free and die? The sad state of US life expectancy,’ which highlights the staggering gap between the United States and other countries regarding life expectancy.

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But it’s not just life expectancy that’s declining. The CDC announced that maternal mortality in the US reached a high in 2021. And it doesn’t stop there. A paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed rising mortality rates among US children and adolescents, which have never occurred in half a century. American children are less likely to live to age 5 than children in other high-income countries. The paper states that “even Americans with healthy behaviors appear to have higher disease rates than their peers in other countries.”

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The US health disadvantage shows that just living in the country is worse for your health and could make you die younger than in other comparable countries. Environmental disasters, such as the recent one in East Palestine, Ohio, could also be part of the explanation. Gunfire is now the leading cause of death for children and young adults in the US since 2020, surpassing car crashes, which had previously topped the list. Compared to other countries in the OECD, the US is the only country where guns are the leading cause of death for people in this age bracket.

It’s time for US lawmakers to take action to protect their citizens from these dangers instead of scoring political points against each other. Otherwise, more and more young Americans may look to settle down in other countries.

In conclusion, the statistics are shocking and demand immediate attention.

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