New Police Reforms to Raise Entry Grades for New Recruits

New reforms being made within the National Police Service could see the entry grades being raised for new recruits in the foreseeable future.

Interior Permanent Secretary Karanja Kibicho disclosed in a radio interview on Thursday that these changes are meant to conform with the international standards.

Should the reforms be implemented, over 5,000 university graduates would get an opportunity to join the police force. The highly skilled manpower being targetted are engineers, doctors, IT experts, financial analysts, and pilots to help police solve highly sophisticated crimes.

Specialists will join the force as inspectors, chief inspectors, assistant superintendents and superintendents.

Modalities have already been put in place to change the service from being the place where parents take their children who have failed in national examinations.

In the next recruitment, half of the recruits shall be cadets. We must move to change our recruitment procedure and the training curriculum in order to conform with the international standards

Karanja Kibicho

The current minimum entry grade into the police service is a D+ Grade in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Kibicho attributed the current levels of corruption and police brutality cases to low educational standards in the service.

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