New Executive Order By President Kenyatta Leaves William Ruto Powerless

President Uhuru Kenyatta has abolished the presidency which initially conferred the DP powers similar to the president.

The “executive office of the deputy president” is now inconsequential meaning Ruto will henceforth be serving under president Uhuru Kenyatta who will be wielding the ultimate power of the new formation.

The ODP will no longer be self-governing now being dependent on the decision and the resolutions reached by the Office of the President. Hiring or dismissal of staff is among the powers snatched from the DP.

“In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 132 (3) (b) of the constitution, as read with all other enabling laws, I, Uhuru Kenyatta, president and commander-in-chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, order and direct that;

  1. The government shall be organized as set out in this order, that this order contains portfolio responsibilities and changes made in the structure of government

2. That this order assigns functions and institutions among ministries and state departments and that this order supersedes Executive Order No. 1 of 2018 (Revised) issued in July 2018,” reads a document presumably from President Kenyatta.

Ruto had since their ascension to power in 2013 been the de facto Kenyatta’s assistant having powers similar to him. This was favored by the 2010 Constitution which specified the national executive is made of the president, his deputy, and members of the cabinet.

The ODP is now aligned with that of the head of civil service, State House Controller (Kinuthia Mbugua), and as well the State House Chief of Staff (Nzioka Waita).

The changes are yet to elicit reactions from the Ruto wing in Jubilee whose politicians have of late been crying foul as the party mercilessly lands purge against them both in the Senate and the National Assembly.

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The order also puts the Nairobi Metropolitan Service under President Kenyatta meaning the capital will also be overseen by the President.

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