Netizens React To Millicent Omanga’s Explanation On Her “Bring It On Baby” Phrase

Jubilee nominated senator Millicent Omanga had quite an onerous time on Wednesday when she appeared for grilling before the Jubilee Party disciplinary committee at the party’s headquarters in Nairobi.

The party is currently on a spree to sanitize or ‘fumigate’ as many say punishing those believed to have gone against the party’s policies and stipulations.

DP Ruto’s allies in the party are evidently the ones being targeted as a great deal of them seem to have been rebellious, dissenting from the party leader to back his deputy.

Everything had been cool the perceived rebels playing their games in the way they so wanted until May 11 when the party summoned a PG meeting comprising of its senators.

As expected the meeting had many objections the pro-Ruto members making good their threats of not attending unaware of what would succeed their truancy thereafter.

The party has since then been effecting changes kicking out of crucial senate positions members who failed to attend the meeting. The basis of the changes is said to be matter to do with party fidelity.

Kipchumba Murkomen and Susan Kihika were the first to experience the party’s purge, Kithure Kindiki following with his ouster from the office of the house deputy speaker, now the razor moving to other senators who particularly and without apology failed to honor the May 11 meeting held at State House.

Among the legislators to be on the queue awaiting the axe is nominated senator Millicent Omanga who before had been so vocal defending the DP and his whole camp.

The senate first-timer was sought to explain herself on her decision of not attending the meeting, and even in so doing not bothering to forward a notification.

In her defense, Omanga said she was not aware of the meeting that being the reason why she didn’t show up. Netizens found the better of her explanation not adding up, claiming she had been influenced by other staunch Ruto supporters in the party.

What however stood out in the course of the grill is how she responded to the question posed on her now popular phrase “bring it on baby” which she uttered in the company of other Ruto’s passionate brigade while addressing a presser outside parliament buildings sometime back.

“on social media there have been clips where you were seen saying bring it on, was that you? and what were you meaning?” she was asked.

“….I was just defending our party against the perpetrators…they are on social media,” she responded amid incoherence.

The response was found by those following the grill to be out of context thanks to the status quo of the viral clip being known. That she said the words while daring the party to bring an impeachment motion against Ruto, and not actually responding to perpetrators online as she put.

Have a look at the feelings:

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