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Netizens Criticize Health Ministry for Spending Ksh 4 Million on Tea and Snacks

Netizens have taken to social media to express their anger towards the Health Ministry after releasing their expenditure since the pandemic broke out in the country.

The ministry disclosed the total expenditure in a statement that said a total of Ksh 1.3 billion had been used in combating the coronavirus. What puzzled many people is how allocating Ksh 4 million to tea and snacks helped in reducing the spread.

Despite the Ksh 4 million being Ksh 6.1 million less than what was originally proposed, netizens called out the Health Ministry for using the funds on arbitrary items.

Here is a summarized breakdown of a section of the budget:

  • Leasing of 15 ambulances – Ksh 42,000,000
  • Accommodation of 30 HCW needing quarantine services for 90 days – Ksh 12,000,000
  • Airtime (500 staff for 3 months at 4000/month) – Ksh 2,000,000
  • Fuel and maintenance (Ksh 40,000 per week estimated 30 vehicles) – Ksh 14,400,000
  • Tea and snacks for varied teams – Ksh 4,000,000
  • Stationery (Printing papers, toners) – Ksh 6,500,000
  • Communications Ksh 70,000,000
  • Procurement and installation of call centres – Ksh 11,800,000
  • Printing of travellers forms, quarantine forms, discharge forms – Ksh 9,000,000

The ministry also allocated Ksh 150 million to Kenyatta National Hospital to provide additional bed capacity and Ksh 10 million to the National Youth Service (NYS) for security services in isolation and quarantine facilities.

Netizens have since expressed their anger towards the expenditure with some referencing the mother of 8 in Mombasa who is boiling stones for her children.

Peninah Kitao, a widow, said that she boiled the stones to cheat her children that food was cooking for them to fall asleep. She blames the tough economic times for the troubles she is going through right now.

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