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Neighbor Exposes Dj Brownskin’s Toxic Marriage With Late Wife Sharon Njeri

Popular Kenyan entertainer and emcee, DJ Brownskin, is currently trending after a video of him filming his wife Sharon Njeri taking her own life by ingesting poison went viral.

It has now come to light that Njeri had made previous suicide attempts in front of their children before her death. According to a neighbour, Njeri was known for being dramatic.

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Reportedly, Brownskin filmed his wife ingesting the poison with the intention of sending the video to her friend and requesting them to speak with her. The same neighbour alleged that Njeri had a history of attempting to poison herself whenever they had an argument.

On the day of the tragedy, Brownskin believed that his wife was once again engaging in her usual dramatic behaviour. However, her condition deteriorated after ingesting the poison. Brownskin rushed her to the hospital, but she died while receiving treatment.

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The neighbour’s comment below:

It is important to note that suicide is a serious issue, and anyone struggling with mental health should seek professional help.

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