Nairobi Women Protest Nyashinski’s Recent Marriage

A group of Nairobi ladies gathered today at Freedom Corner to protest against the recent marriage of Kenyan artist Nyashinski.

The ladies were dressed in white t-shirts that had Nyashinski’s face printed on them. According to them, they are not happy with the artist’s recent marriage to Zia Bett in late 2019.

Ladies of Nairobi today have gathered to express the unhappiness,their discomfort with our friend, our superstar, our bachelor Nyashinski choosing to leave his bachelorhood and get married

Kwanza hakutuambia, hatukujua tuko na girlfriend na all of a sudden akatuambia. So we are gathered here today to express our freedom of speech to express our unhappiness and as you can see, Nyashinski means a lot to us

Watch the video below:

Nyashinski tied the knot in a traditional ceremony in Nandi County. He paid dowry and fulfilled other custom demands during the event before leaving with his lover.

Reaction to the video has been mixed and has since made the hashtag #SomeoneTellShinski trend on Twitter. Some are accusing the women who are exercising their freedom of speech as having nothing better to do with themselves this Valentine’s day.

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