Nairobi City County To Be Abolished In The BBI Report, CJ To Quit JSC – Moses Kuria

The BBI report is set to be released (probably) next week as earlier hinted by the Yussuf Haji-led team.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and former PM Raila Odinga last week had the taskforce’s steward Hon. Yussuf Haji briefing them on the progress ahead of the June 30 presentation deadline.

Even without the report being out already, speculations have begun settling, the bone of contention being the likelihood of a referendum before the year ends.

The polls tend to be an important arsenal in effecting the recommended changes. Raila Odinga in an interview confirmed the year 2020 may not end without having the polls done.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has privileged us a sneak peek into the report, unlidding the adopted aspects that the task force vouches for.

According to Hon. Kuria, the report has had no impact on the number of constituencies in the country. They remain unchanged.

The report recommends an upswing of the number of nominated MPs from 12 to 162.

The report also stands for the election of the President directly by the people to be Head of State and take charge of Internal Security, Defence, and Foreign Affairs. He will have a Deputy President with roles defined in the constitution.

The post of the Prime Minister will be re-introduced with the holder being voted in by parliament and will appoint all other Ministers. He will have 2 Deputy Prime Ministers.

Fifty percent of cabinet ministers will come from parliament and the rest will be appointed outside parliament.

The First Runner Up in a Presidential vote will occupy the best office of the Official Leader of the Opposition. His running mate will be the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. They will have a shadow cabinet that will be taken care of by the official government’s budget.

The Chief Justice who is also the President of the Supreme Court will not be a member of the Judicial Service Commission.

Devolved functions like health and agriculture will have their way back to the national government.

Those composing the electoral commission (IEBC) will be recommended by the political parties.

Funds released to the county governments will be proportional to the magnitude of the intended development projects, thus varying from a county to the pother.

The report also, according to Moses Kuria, recommends the abolition of Nairobi City County.

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