‘Murder Your Boss,’ David Ndii Advises William Ruto

William Ruto even on resting for silence is in turbulent political times, his team experiencing the worst any political betrayal can offer.

The DP has been sidelined by his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, who signs are so apparent he tends not to back Ruto in the coming vote despite Ruto standing by him in the last two elections.

The recent events in the Jubilee party have concretized the assertions that the two are no longer an item politically, Uhuru choosing outsiders to form coalitions with ahead of 2022.

On Tuesday Kipchumba Murkomen lost his post in senate alongside Susan Kihika, Murkomen being demoted from his ML position as Kihika loses as the majority whip in the house, that alone hinting all is not well in the ruling party, the President having taken charge.

Even as his allies face humiliations, William Ruto has not voiced his views as it would be expected, his tool of trade, Twitter, remaining dormant for quite long now.

Asked of the advice he would give to Ruto, economist, and politics guru David Ndii thought it rational for the DP to murder his boss to be able to stomach the frustrations directed to his camp.

“David Ndii what do you think is the best thing Ruto should do to fight back and stay afloat?” Twitter user (Mwaniki Gathu) asked.

Ndii’s reply was quick and concise:

“Murder his boss,” he replied.

The reply elicited reactions, a section of followers asking him to expunge, while others making fun out of it:


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