Mulamwah Quits Comedy Due to Cyberbullying

Comedian Mulamwah has announced that he has quit comedy because of the cyberbullying he has faced on social media.

He took to social media on Monday evening by posting a video of him burning the shirt that made him popular at the beginning of his career. This was followed up by a long statement that was posted on his Facebook page.

In the long post, Mulamwah notes that him being a comedian has made him sad because of the heightened level of trolling on social media. He noted that he was only there for fun but things took an ugly turn.

The comedian also narrated how he lost his baby when his girlfriend was three months pregnant. Trolling, according to him, has forced him to stop the act altogether.

I have never been the same since then, but we are men still keeping on a smile to cover the grimace. Pole sana pia for all who looked up to me especially the kids, I have failed you but keep your heads up.


His announcement has seen him become the number one trend on Twitter. Some netizens pointed out that he was a victim of his own doing when he attacked another Twitter user a week ago.


Some artists like Bahati and Jalang’o have come out to encourage Mulamwah to never give up and that haters would always be there. Jalang’o added that without haters, one knows that they are doing something wrong.

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