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Motorist Runs Over Man Multiple Times Over Alleged Theft[VIDEO]

A motorist ran over a man, believed to be a motorcycle thief, multiple times. The bizarre incident that occurred in an unspecified location, was recorded by cheering onlookers.

The video, that was posted online by twitter user @EdithNaliaka1, has elicited mixed reactions. According to Edith Naliaka, the suspect was first dragged after being beaten to a pulp and ran over by the motorist. It is still not clear whether the man survived the ordeal.

Sympathetic netizens opined that humanity had gone to the dogs. Naliaka also claimed that it was disgraceful that people can these days take lives whenever they want and how they want.

Here are some reactions online;

Stanley Biwott: If this man were to come to your house/car with the intention to harm you and your family would you let them live in the name of what???????? If this guy attempted to harm the owner of the car he deserves that and more.

Nicholas Lole: This is the reason Jesus Christ died for the sins of all of humanity that through him all might be saved & receive the gift of eternal life freely. You don’t want to be condemned & separated from God eternally, repent and seek Him while you still can, time’s up, JESUS IS COMING!

Dero Draco: Devastating,no one is to take a human life..commandment no 8,do not kill

Hardy Heart: This is horrible, inhumane and totally unacceptable. I dont know where we are heading but @NPSC_KE and @DPPS_KE should do something about this terrifying acts.

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