Mother Worried after Jowie’s Transfer To Manyani Prison, Voi

The main convict in the Monica Kimani murder case Joseph Irungu was moved from Kamiti to Manyani prison.

His parents boarded a bus to find out about his being after they were informed of the unsuspected transfer. Jowie’s transfer was done on Friday of 6th December.

The mother to the accused -speaking to the Daily Nation, was suspicious and wondered why there would be the need to have her son transferred to such a distant location as Voi, when his bail application has been set to be mentioned and determined in Nairobi, in February 2020.

They have taken him to Manyani and his next court appearance is in Ferbruary 2020, It is like they want to do something to him. Our lawyer said it is quite unusual for such a transfer.

Worried Anastacia, Jowie’s mother.

Jowie had applied to be granted bail only to be turned down due to what court said was “flight risk”.

Jowie’s lawyer Prof. Hassan Nandwa denied having filed an application to allow his client to be transferred from Nairobi, doubting the prison officer who had held that the transfer was a normal process.

Jowie had sought bail after his co-accused, former Citizen TV journalist and his lover Jacque Maribe was freed, still on bail, in October last year.

My second accuse (Jacque Maribe) was granted bail; and she never absconded court. I deserve the same.

Jowie argued.

Fifteen witnesses have so far testified in the case, which is set to have its hearings resumed in March 2020.

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