Meet The ‘sleeping beauty’ Who Can Fall Asleep For 13 Days Non-stop

A 17-year-old girl in Indonesia has left her parents and relatives shocked after it emerged that she can fall asleep for several days at a time. The girl, known as Echa, has been dubbed a “real-life Sleeping beauty” or the “sleeping daughter of South Kalimantan. Echa occasionally falls asleep for up to 13 days at a time. The mystery girl hails from Banjarmasin, in Indonesia’s South Kalimantan region.

Echa first made headlines in 2017 when local media outlets in Indonesia reported that she had slept for 13 days straight. Last week, Echa slept for seven days leaving her parents worried about her worsening condition. She was booked in a local hospital where the doctors gave her a clean bill of health after several tests. The 17-year-old woke up after nine days, but the doctors still recommended more rest since she was visibly weak.

The cause of her unusual long sleep is yet to be established, but earlier tests seem to suggest that she is suffering from hypersomnia. Hypersomnia is a condition is a very rare neurological condition that makes one feel excessively sleepy during the day, and falls asleep for long stretches of time.

When experiencing hypersomnia, individuals can sleep for over 20 hours a day, to days, and even weeks, and may also exhibit abnormal symptoms such as extreme hunger, hallucinations, enhanced libido, irritability, and childishness.

After waking from their slumber, patients usually report that they feel confused or disoriented, with most of them feeling extremely weak, probably due to the extended period where the body lacks food and water intake.

Echa’s father revealed to local Indonesian news outlets that he always tries hard to wake his daughter during her episodes of sleep to no avail. He however claims that Echa chews and swallows food during her sleep, if fed.

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