Meet the Kenyan Lady Who Can’t Stop Having Orgasms

A Kenyan lady has come out to talk about her physical condition which makes her have orgasms spontaneously.

The lady, Amy, has been getting spontaneous genital stimulation from the age of 13 years. Things got worse at the age of 20 years when she started climaxing frequently when she was on a motorbike or in a car on a rough road.

Currently, at 24 years old, her stimulations are now affecting her day-to-day activities leaving her too drained to concentrate. Simple actions such as that of banging a door would get her stimulated.

Her condition has forced her to avoid getting involved with men. She fears that the condition could get worse if she added romance to her life.

What Amy suffers from is a Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), a rare condition in women who get genital stimulation that is not accompanied by sexual desire.

Some of these stimulations last for hours or even days. While orgasms are known to cause relief from stimulation, some women have reported pain that accompanies the climaxing.

There are no known physiological causes of PGAD, making its treatment difficult. The only protocol medical practitioners use to treat the disorder is simply to reduce the frequency of the symptoms.

According to Medical News Today, women can get psychological treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It helps women identify their triggers and provides some coping mechanisms and distraction techniques to manage physical symptoms.

This rare condition is believed to be affecting around 7000 women in the world. It is, however, suspected that most women do not seek medical health care due to fear and embarrassment.

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