Meet CS Mutahi Kagwe’s Rapper Son Kahu$h – VIDEO

Off the public limelight, CS Mutahi Kagwe is a family man married to Anne Mutahi Wanjiku together having four children.

Among the four is Kahu Mburu who for years has been based in the United Kingdom where he undertook an IT program from a university in Leicester.

Kahu is also a seasoned rapper one of his major tracks being ‘Mie Siwezi” which since its release -seven months ago- has proven to be a thriller judging from the reception fans accorded it.

He recently invented an automated Lighting and Motion Sensor System which operates by monitoring the way energy is used in the lighting of a house by regulating the lighting mechanisms whether or not people are in the house.

The mechanism turns on the light in the house or room when one gets in and switches it off when they are immediately out of the room.

Meet CS Kagwe's Rapper Son [VIDEO] - Kenyans.co.ke

“This would be helpful when someone is in a room engaged in an activity, could move a limb and the system would respond appropriately instantly. This system would be helpful to people who are physically challenged, the aged, and children who are still young and would be needed to use certain rooms. The system eliminates the need to switch on or off the lights,” the explanation Kahu gives regarding the innovation.

Kahu, better known as Kahush, is also a producer and a part-time soccer player.

He currently undertakes a bachelor’s in politics and international relations from the University of Nottingham.

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