Man Kills and Burns His Father in Makueni

One man in Makueni County is being sought after by police after killing his father with a poisoned arrow and set his body on fire alongside some several houses.

Nicholas Katua attacked his father in Kyale, Masalalani, on Wednesday night in what is believed to be a land-related dispute. Assistant Chief Shadrack Musembi said the dispute arose from the method to be used to sub-divide land amongst children of both wives of the father.

Makueni County Commander Joseph Ole Naipeiyan said that Nicholas shot his father on his stomach which killed him on the spot.

The second wife, Florence Kimula, claimed that her step-son also attacked her son Mutile Kimula with a machete.

He also attacked his young brother who sustained serious injuries before getting rushed to Makindu sub-county hospital where he is currently receiving treatment

Florence Kimula

Police have confirmed that Mutile is in critical condition at the time of publishing this article.

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