Man In Disgusting Viral Video Defiling a “Teen” Released

Patrick Ayoyi, the man who filmed himself defiling his alleged niece has been released after a few days of being held by police in Kericho.

The police cited the decision to release Ayoyi was informed by their confirmation of the girl being 20 years at the time the video was captured, that being in 2017.

The girl’s age was revealed by her mother who disclosed her birth certificate which shows she was born in 1997.

For the case to proceed, the police said it would be upon the girl to lodge a complaint of sexual assault against her purported uncle, lest the man would be left to walk scot-free.

The disgusting video went viral with the online battalion expressing its displeasure calling on a quick arrest and prosecution of the man.

On his part, Ayoyi said the video was recorded in 2017 when the girl was 20 years and had no intentions to let the video out. He added he had misplaced his gadget and thus the video was shared by whoever was in possession of the phone.

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