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Man Changes His Name To Jesus Christ Through High Court

A Ghanaian will be using Jesus Christ as his official name after successfully convincing a high court in the country.

The man who works as an air force officer in Ghana’s forces was initially identified as Alhassan Abdulkareem Nyuwagu signed a declaration on changing his name, addressing it to the commissioner for oaths who also is an assignee in the document,”

“I, AL HASSAN ABDUL KAREEM NYUWAGU of Air Force Barracks Blk 29, Room 5, Burma Camp, do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:

I am the declarant herein, a Ghanaian by birth and nationality, that I was formally known as AL HASSAN ABDUL KAREEM NYWAGU, both in the family and official circles…”

“Due to documentation purposes, I wish to change my name to JESUS CHRIST. Henceforth I should be called and addressed as JESUS CHRIST,” the man said in the document.

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